Our Personnel

Meet the team at Ashley Associates, the recruitment specialists:

Kay Coles   Managing Director

A founder Director of Ashley Associates Kay had previously worked within Sales and Recruitment for 16 years covering Commercial, Telecommunications and Recruitment to Recruitment environments. Having nurtured the business from initial conception she now manages a seven strong team of Recruitment Consultants covering the whole of the UK and every Recruitment discipline. A hands on manager who enjoys motivating the team to improve their sales skills and revenue generation she is as dedicated to cooking as she is Recruitment and can often be found in the kitchen at parties!!

Call me: 07764 860009

Emma Holloway   Principal Consultant
Emma was the first Recruitment Consultant at Ashley Associates, joining the team in February of 2004. She brought to the company her 14 years recruitment experience and an immense amount of energy . Having worked within several recruitment disciplines Emma's sales prowess has proved to be very lucrative to both her and the team. With her early to rise, late to leave approach she catches up with the most elusive of candidates and has been known to charm the most insistent of "virgin clients" that Recruitment to Recruitment with Ashley Associates is a fabulous way to fill their requirements. Emma doubles up as the team's make up artist and in her spare time she can be most often found pounding the high street for bargins!

Call me: 07764 860008



The Office Dog

Biscuits - Joined the company when she was just 8 weeks old and is the office dog. She is a Chorkie (mummy was a  Yorkshire Terrier and Daddy was a Chi Wawa) the lightest member of the team she spends her days sleeping on any available lap and on occasions grumbles at the postman. She has developed lasting relationships with a variety of delivery people and never misses her lunchtime trot around the farm - which often includes a light bark at the chickens and any heavy farm machinery moving about their daily business. She enjoys chasing a bright green ball up and down the office and will often settle down to sleep on any coats she can find. Baby is the proud owner of several brightly coloured jumpers and a Santa outfit - pictures of which can often been seen on the Ashley Associates Facebook page.